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kendall ficklin

His clients say, “He’s a game changer.” His friends say, “He’s always on FIRE.” His family says, “He’s a great husband, father and friend.” Kendall says, “I just want to engage, inspire, impact and activate people to walk in their passion and purpose.

Kendall is a rising force in the field of personal and professional development.  His coaching and communication style is raw, impacting and highly interactive. He has a gift for connecting, motivating and empowering those he comes in contact with.  His powerful words captivate his audiences and always leave a lasting memory.

With over 15 years of experience in coaching, consulting, training and public speaking, Kendall is one of the most sought-after speakers for inspiring and activating student and parent populations in America. His own life experiences have prepared him well and have made him an expert in his field. his transparency, honesty and heart-felt desire to inspire people to achieve greatness are what set Kendall apart.

Kendall regularly conducts keynote addresses, team building sessions for corporate clients, professional development workshops for educators, parental engagement seminars and “hard-hitting, no-nonsense” student empowerment sessions.

Kendall is the author of three books including “Rise & Grind: Good Isn’t Good Enough”, “Ladies Rise & Grind: Empowering and Inspiring you to AMAZING” and his latest book, “Your Work Has To Match Your Want: The Students Guide To GREATNESS.”

Visit Kendall’s website to get more information

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