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2020 FIght against childhood hunger

Due to COVID-19, FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE has redirected its resources to focus on the nutrutional needs of children in the community.  This pandemic has caused a great number of children to become food deficient and are more effected during the summer months without school meal plans to count on.  We understand children are better prepared for success if they eat a healthy meal everyday.  FOYF is looking to help eradicate childhood hunger through School Meal Partnerships and Summer Meal Programs.

Please help us in our efforts to serve the community with your donation.


  • 1 in 6 children struggles with hunger in Georgia

  • More than 164,000 Metro Atlanta children depends on food pantries or meal service programs.

  • Long-term effects on their health and future:

    • School performance (more likely to repeat a grade in elementary school)

    • Developmental impairments 

      • Language and motor skills​

    • Social and behavioral issues (anxiety and depression)

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